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New York actors, visit us at our Gramercy Park location! Our reels, videos and websites are designed to make you look your best. You won’t have to go to an unfamiliar location in Queens or upper Manhattan to meet with us. NY actors can visit Actorwerks at our convenient Gramercy Park area location. And we love meeting actors*. Call 646.414.2364 for an appointment. You can also contact us via email to get started.

You know how to get work as an actor. You know you need a good quality acting reel, headshot and website. We can assist New York actors that need footage. We film short scenes and monologues  tailored to the kind of character you want to play. Come talk to us, tell us about what you want to accomplish and we can help you figure out how to get there. 

*actually, all creative people & performing artists : )