All About Filming a Scene

Actorwerks – Filming a Scene – New York, NY

Filming a scene is an ideal solution when need footage of your acting in order to create a reel. Or the footage you have from student films is not what you want to represent you.

  1. First choose between the following options:
    • 1 Scene with 1 Actor
    • 1 Scene with 2 Actors
    • 2 Scenes with 1 Actor
    • 2 Scenes with 2 Actors
  2. Contact Actorwerks and schedule the shoot.
  3. Choose your scene(s) / send us a copy. Scenes should be no longer than 3 minutes each.
  4. When you are ready to get started, contact us.

We will read over your scene and talk with you about what the scene might need in terms of costume, location and set dressing. An example of a location we sometimes use is The Producers’ Club, Studio 3.

The Producers’ Club
358 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

As an example, this rental is $30/hour. Once we agree on a day and a time with you, you need to reserve space at The Producers’ Club, Studio 3. The Producers’ Club requires that the space be reserved and paid for in advance. For each scene you would need to reserve 2 hours of time. The Producers’ Club can be reached at  212-315-4743. Email us to confirm when you have made your reservation.

Ready to get started?

Contact us via email or call us at 646.414.2364.


In my scene my character is talking to someone, but they have their back to the camera. Do I have to pay for a 2 actor scene?

We want to work with you to bring your acting video (scene) to fruition. If you have a scene where the focus is on one actor but there is another actor without many lines in the scene, we will not charge you the price for a 2 actor scene. It will cost a little more than a scene with no other actor, but probably not that much. The pricing for filming a scene in this scenario is based on the amount of time (camera and lighting setups) that would be needed to accommodate the second actor.

My character needs some basic FX makeup.

As an add-on for our clients, if your character needs minor makeup fx such as blood, cuts, bruises, pallor, fake sweat or a simple painted-on tattoo, we can do those effects for you at no extra charge. This will mean that you need schedule a little extra time at the location. If any makeup fx like these are of interest to you, let us know so we will bring the appropriate materials to the shoot.