Actor Monologue Pricing

Our actor monologue pricing includes both filming and editing. We edit out the highlights from the monologues of two scenes for a 2 or 3 minute reel. The actor monologue allows the actor to express a wide range of emotions on camera. $125 includes up to 1.5 hours of shooting, plus editing, titles, color correction, scan in of your headshot, upload to YouTube, Actors Access and IMDB.

Actor Monologue Includes
Length of Reel 2 to 3 minutes
Hours of Shooting, up to 1.5
Scan in of Your Headshot  
Editing, Titles, Color–Correction
Lighting Setups  2
Camera Angles  2
Actors Access, IMDB upload  
YouTube Upload  
Total Cost $138

Our actor monologue pricing equals an affordable way to get quality footage of your acting. To schedule an Actor Monologue, contact us via email or call 646.414.2364 for more information.