Actor Demo Reel Editing: FAQ.

Actor Demo Reel Editing – Actorwerks – New York, NY

Do I really need an acting reel?

From the CEO of Actorwerks and Strangewerks Films, Brian Schiavo:

“I understand the need for an actor to have a quality reel that showcases his or her abilities. Casting a feature film is a laborious task; for each role I can receive hundreds of headshots and resumes. How do I sort through them all? It usually comes down to the actor’s reel. I cannot possibly meet with everyone and a headshot just does not give me enough information to truly consider someone for a part.”

Why should I choose Actorwerks to edit my reel?

The owners of Actorwerks are part of the film industry, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Under the banner of Strangewerks Films, owner Brian Schiavo has directed and edited an internationally distributed feature film and has a second feature in post-production.

Our passion is for filmmaking and we love to edit. As it is also true for acting, when you are passionate about something, it shows in the work. We are not actors who edit reels on the side.

How does the process work?

  1. Provide us with your footage
  2. Let us know which clips you like best
  3. We’ll create a one to three minute demo reel that highlights your best moments in a captivating fashion —one that gives you the edge you need to land those gigs.

 What if I do not have any (decent) footage?

We would be happy to set up a video shoot. To move your career forward, there is nothing more important—after your headshot—than to have your acting captured on film. A good reel gets your foot in the door and an audition. A bad reel can keep that door closed.

If you have more questions about our demo reel editing for actors, dancers and child actors please contact us or call 646.414.2364.