Need an Acting Reel?

When You Need A Professional Acting Reel

So, why should you choose Actorwerks to create your actor demo reel?

1. We have had many clients referred to us by agents who want the best possible reel for their clients.

2. We make some of the best actor reels available, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our work and decide for yourself.

3. Your acting reel comprises 2 or 3 minutes where you are selling yourself as an actor to a busy casting director. Casting Directors want to see professionally edited, quality footage. Actorwerks reels expertly target your best acting while being entertaining to watch.


Can your friend who dabbles in iMovie put together your reel for you? Maybe, but we have seen so many bad reels, we think, probably not. Think about it this way: you probably only get your haircut by a professional hairdresser. If you are serious about your acting career, why would you consider letting a non-professional edit your reel?

Contact us when you need an acting reel or call (646) 414-2364. Actorwerks is a division of Strangewerks Films.